Individual Counseling

The Westmont Counseling Center has a reputation as a quality provider of low-cost mental health services. You are welcome to come and sit, one-on-one, with a trained therapist. Here, you can talk about your struggles in a safe and confidential setting. Issues such as depression, anxiety, grief or loss, relationship problems, and trauma can all be treated. WCC works with people’s strengths and helps clients to grow and  realize their full potential.

Couples Counseling

The Westmont Counseling Center also has a specialized program in couples therapy. Couples meet here in a private therapeutic setting to discuss their relationship issues with trained counselors. They learn how to communicate more effectively, have a better understanding of their partners, and become a more cohesive family unit. Many couples work to build their problem-solving skills and learn to handle differences and disagreements in constructive and peaceful ways.

Family Therapy

Today’s families include many different combinations of relationships with a wide range of ages and connections. Westmont Counseling Center sees each family as unique, with its own strengths and challenges. Trained counselors work to help families communicate better, grow together, and function in a way that promotes the health and well-being of all family members.