Collaborative Partnerships

THE francisco Homes

The Francisco Homes offers hope and multi-faceted, holistic support to formerly incarcerated individuals aspiring to re-integrate back into the community.  

WCC will support The Francisco Homes in the Westmont Community by providing Psychotherapy to individuals who are re-entering society.


Founded by Siblings Jeorald & Crystal Pitts to support the at risk community they grew up in. C.H.A.N.G.E.S. offers Youth & Family Activities, Employment, Development, Community safety programs, Resources, Trainings, and Meeting space rental.

West Athens Westmont Task Force

West Athens Westmont Task Force holds weekly community meeting where to discuss many things  occurring in the community, including Police Activity, Community Events, School Updates, Development Projects, and Available services for families, individuals and children.

Journey Out

Journey Out is a Los Angeles-based nonprofit leading the fight for the freedom and survival of all those whose lives have been destroyed by sex trafficking or commercial sexual exploitation.

WCC will support Journey Out in the Westmont Community by offering counseling and  Psychotherapy services to those in need.

Cease Fire

The mission of the Southern California Cease Fire Committee is to eliminate ALL violence! including Gang Violence, Domestic Violence
Racial Violence, Workplace Violence, Random Acts of Violence, and School Yard Bullies.

Community Action for Peace (CAP)

CAP is building a foundation for a comprehensive, place-based approach to violence prevention and intervention by coordinating strategies across the lifespan, leveraging resources of existing programs and developing innovative programs, policies, and partnerships.