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Westmont Counseling Center provides quality, affordable counseling and other mental health services to the residents of Westmont and surrounding communities in South Los Angeles. Services include counseling and psychotherapy for individual adults, teens, couples and children.  Therapy and support groups are provided to help people with issues like anger management, parenting, and grief and loss. These services are designed to help people build resilience, recover from trauma, live in peace, and improve the quality of their lives. The Westmont Counseling Center also provides quality training for pre-licensed psychotherapists.



​We believe that the residents of Westmont are resilient and resourceful and bring to therapy all of the qualities, strengths, and wisdom that they need to thrive. It is our job to provide them with skillful guidance, support, empathy and caring , so that they can realize their true selves.


Respect for all people

Diversity as a source of creativity, growth and wisdom

Empathy as the basis for connection, caring and healing

Change as the only constant

Acceptance of all things

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