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Services & Programs

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Couples Therapy

In couples therapy, sessions focus on resolving conflicts and creating healthier, more resilient relationships. We’ll work together to change communication patterns, as well as improve understanding, respect, and empathy. You and your loved one may meet with your counselor on a weekly basis.

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Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is a collaborative process between the therapist and client in which the goal is to help change and improve quality of life. Therapy may help individuals confront barriers to emotional wellbeing. At WCC, individuals typically meet with counselors on a weekly basis. These sessions can help you tackle problems according to your strengths.

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Support & Therapy Groups

Group therapy is an effective and affordable form of obtaining positive change in one’s life. Therapy groups are particularly effective in improving relationships and interpersonal problems. They’re also excellent for solving problems relating to grief, loss, and anger management.

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